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Mar 18

Publication Day!

It seems like a hundred years ago since I wrote the opening lines to After the Rain but now, finally, it’s out in the shops, with a cover as bright as sunshine emerging from clouds. My initial inspiration for Tara’s journey was the flash flooding that swept Herefordshire in the autumn of 2019, causing widespread […]

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Feb 17

Hope and Happy Endings!

Dogs and stories are, obviously, two of my favourite things, so I’m VERY excited to be involved with the Hope Rescue short story competition for young writers. The rules are simple: 500 words, about a dog(s), and you have to be under 16. 

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Jun 12

the soothing dreamworld of knitting

Yes, there were many things I thought I might do in lockdown – blitz my cupboards, Sort Out My Accounts, get back on the C25K horse of misery – and, no, I didn’t do any of them. The most useful thing I’ve accomplished since March is successfully threading my own chin.

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May 19

Ink and pens and paper

When I was going through my late father’s things – the first, panicky, pre-funeral sweep of drawers and cupboards in search of documents – I found his fountain pen.

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May 06

Working from home in weird times

Hello! Is this week 7 of lockdown or are we still in week 1 but in some kind of groundhog day loop? I’ve lost track. I’ve basically chucked my diary and am now telling the time through the length of my roots.

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Mar 23

Silver linings in strange coronavirus times

Hello! And welcome to the be-slippered, un-made-up, what day is it again? world of the habitual home worker. Come on in! The kettle is nearly always on. Just kick the dog off the sofa. Sorry about the hairs.

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Mar 10

What to say when someone’s heart breaks

Hello! I’m sorry for the recent silence (not unusual, I admit) but I’ve been taking a few days off to process the shock of my lovely, wise and apparently not immortal dad passing away unexpectedly last month.

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Oct 03

autumn… and finally tomatoes!

Those of you with green fingers are maybe wondering whatever happened to my tomatoes, those brave red pioneers so painfully dependent on the vagaries of the British summer, and, more troubling, on me and my very un-green fingers.

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Aug 20

Unexpected Lessons in Love – new book, new look!

So, without further ado, here it is!   This is the gorgeous, fresh new look for Unexpected Lessons in Love which will be published on December 5th in ebook and audiobook, and then in paperback on January 9th. It’s the story of shy musician Jeannie, and what happens when she realises, in the heart-stopping moments […]

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This month's winner

Never let it be said I am not Topical – May‘s Dog of the Month is called Jeanie! Red Labrador pupster Jeanie runs the show for Catherine, who reveals her likes are as follows: “dinner time (both the northern and the accepted version), recently dug-in bedding plants, beech nut shells from the garden, and sleeping behind curtains. She also quite likes partying at night, something her mum and dad have grown out of.” Oh, Jeanie. She is also attempting to befriend the mole in the garden by digging holes to drop in on him. Social!

Jeanie’s Desert Island Disc? Redhead Walking by REM.

Lucy Dillon

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