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Oct 03

autumn… and finally tomatoes!

Those of you with green fingers are maybe wondering whatever happened to my tomatoes, those brave red pioneers so painfully dependent on the vagaries of the British summer, and, more troubling, on me and my very un-green fingers.

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Aug 20

Unexpected Lessons in Love – new book, new look!

So, without further ado, here it is!   This is the gorgeous, fresh new look for Unexpected Lessons in Love which will be published on December 5th in ebook and audiobook, and then in paperback on January 9th. It’s the story of shy musician Jeannie, and what happens when she realises, in the heart-stopping moments […]

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Jul 09

tomato update, otterhounds & book news!

A lot’s been going on over the summer. Of my six tomato plants, one weedily gave up after a week, two were overthrown by their gro-bag neighbours and one – Ailsa Craig – has turned out to be a real brute.

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May 07


What are you doing next weekend? Will you be in the Berkhamsted area? I’m going to be appearing at the inaugural Berko Bookfest 2pm on Sunday, on a panel with Rosie Walsh, Rowan Coleman and Clare Swatman.

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Apr 26

Spring has sprung; tomatoes are here!

There are two rituals that indicate spring has arrived in my house. One is the annual panic buying of SPF50+ Soltan in Boots, during the 3-day hot spell the UK usually gets in April, after the 3-day snow shocker. The other is the purchase of tomato plants.

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Mar 31

Hey, Aurora!

This weekend was an epic Mothering Sunday for me because…. we welcomed a new dog to the family! This is Aurora and she’s an Otterhound.

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Dec 22

Moving house, new books and old friends

Apparently, we’re nearly done with 2018. How? How how HOW?! Last week it was summer and I was flopping around the house in wafty harem pants because wearing anything else felt like I was steaming to death, now it’s Christmas. [Munch Scream face]

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Jul 25

Pugs, and hugs

I was listening to my backlog of Kermode and Mayo’s Film podcasts at the weekend – if you’re not already a paid-up member of the Church of Wittertainment, then join, it’s everything film you need! If you are already, hello to Jason Isaacs/Jeremy Irons! – and a topic came up which really struck a nerve […]

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This month's winner

This is Daisy Sutton – she’s so smart she probably Tweeted herself from her mum Helen’s laptop. She’s a tri-colour Border collie, who lives in Falkirk and is the offspring of two working sheepdogs, ie, the canine equivalent of springing from the loins of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon. Helen (or Daisy) says she has an excellent comedy timing wink, and shows her love by wrapping herself around people’s shoulders like a scarf. She also likes to break into the greenhouse to steal tomatoes. Daisy is an absolute 10/10 gal, and I commend her highly on her dazzling teeth too. Thank you, Helen!

Lucy Dillon

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