So, without further ado, here it is! IMG_1027


This is the gorgeous, fresh new look for Unexpected Lessons in Love which will be published on December 5th in ebook and audiobook, and then in paperback on January 9th. It’s the story of shy musician Jeannie, and what happens when she realises, in the heart-stopping moments before she arrives at her own wedding, that she’s making a big mistake…

It’s actually the story of lots of other things too: it’s about what happens to marriages after the final speck of confetti has been brushed out of your hair; what happens to wedding dresses once they’ve been worn; what happens when you have to learn about your boyfriend from stories, anecdotes, memories… and the telling gaps in between; what happens when the voice in your heart tells you one thing, but the voice in your head disagrees. As usual there are dogs with their own stories, some happy, some very sad, and there is a singalong in the Longhampton Memorial Hall that made me cry.

If you’re a Netgalley kind of person, the proofs are  up there now! I’m very excited and nervous about this story as I think it touches on something nearly all of us has felt at some point: what do you do when you get a real shot of ‘no no no no no!’ instinct? Would you act on it? Or would you cross your fingers and hope for the best? I can’t wait to umm and err about it with you!