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Sep 13

it’s been a funny old summer…

Woah. Look, it’s mid-September. Mid-September! How did that happen?! It’s been rather an eventful summer in this house which is why I’ve been somewhat absent from the world. It hasn’t just been holidays, honest…

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May 10

Violet, Queen of Basset Hounds 2005-2016

I wasn’t a dog person until I met Violet, my beautiful black blanket basset hound. And last week, after eight happy years together, we had to say goodbye, but thanks to her, I’ll be a dog person for ever. Here, in a few of my favourite photographs, is why.

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Apr 25

Semla buns and English nests

Every country has its Easter treats. Americans have Peeps. Italians have pane di Pasqua. We have hot cross buns. As usual, Sweden blows all this out of the water with semlor: the insanely happy marriage of yeast, cream, spices and icing sugar.

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Apr 25

Sweden, part 2: podcasts and cakes and Katarina Bivald

If you’ve ever wondered what two authors talk about when they’re put in a room with a lot of coffee, wonder no longer! This is me, wittering on about cake, writing and dogs with Swedish bestseller, Katarina Bivald… https://www.acast.com/sostories/-5lucydillonandkatarinabivald-speakingofstories

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Apr 16

Jag älskar Sverige, part 1: Books & Dreams (& cake)

hej hej! (I say this all the time now. I’m the fifth Monkee.) It’s been a loooong time, and I’m very sorry. My excuse is that that I’ve been writing a book which is now with my editor – hurray! – and I’ve also, shock horror, been out of The Shire and into the real […]

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Sep 15

home and away, and Hallo, Deutschland!!

Today’s big hello is to German readers – danke schön, Deutschland, for all the copies of A Hundred Pieces of Me, or more Germanly, Das kleine große Glück, which have flown off the shelves!

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Aug 20

Me and my great Scandicakian love

Hello! Sorry, long time, no post – this is because I am hard at work, writing a new book. However, last week I managed to combine two of my favourite things: cake, and an editorial chat with my agent’s mystical and charming assistant, Harriet.

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May 13

May – winners, awkward radio interviews & Periscopes

    Well, after a random selection process involving Post it Notes, a judgmental dog, an independent adjudicator who barked at the judgmental dog when he felt she was taking too long making up her mind, I’m happy to say I have three winners for the One Small Act of Kindness giveaway!

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Apr 20

Welcome to my website – win a book!

Hello! And finally, finally, finally I’m delighted to be swinging wide the doors of my website, after delaying so long that my web designer has actually BUILT A HOUSE since our initial meeting. Sorry, Evan.

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Apr 14

One Small Act of Kindness – win a luxury spa day!

I’m getting properly excited about One Small Act of Kindness, which will be published on April 23rd – an auspicious day, since it’s Shakespeare’s birthday and St George’s Day, which is definitely celebrated in Longhampton with some sort of special menu in the local gastropub (Broth-ello, followed by Leek and Ham-let Pie, and Midsummer Night’s […]

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This month's winner

This is Daisy Sutton – she’s so smart she probably Tweeted herself from her mum Helen’s laptop. She’s a tri-colour Border collie, who lives in Falkirk and is the offspring of two working sheepdogs, ie, the canine equivalent of springing from the loins of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon. Helen (or Daisy) says she has an excellent comedy timing wink, and shows her love by wrapping herself around people’s shoulders like a scarf. She also likes to break into the greenhouse to steal tomatoes. Daisy is an absolute 10/10 gal, and I commend her highly on her dazzling teeth too. Thank you, Helen!

Lucy Dillon

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