Would you just look at this? Gorgeous new cover klaxon!!! The finished cover for the hardback edition of Where The Light Gets in


isn’t is gorgeous? On April 19th, the hardback edition of Where The Light Gets In will be published (pre-order now on Amazon!!), and it is going to look so beautiful. The dachshund on the front is the reluctant star of the book, lonely little Rudy who loses the only human he loves when his elderly mistress Betty dies, but who slowly finds a brave new way to live his life in Longhampton. The endpapers – the inside cover of the hardback – is a pattern of tiny golden dachshunds running, sitting, playing, generally running around having a laugh, and really is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s now the wallpaper on my phone. It makes me smile every time.

(It’s also the story of Lorna who’s grown up in the shadow of her brilliant artist mother, shying away from love thanks to her parents’ claustrophobic marriage, and Sam, the old friend from her complicated childhood who’s been dragged back from his London life to deal with the family farm. And a cantankerous artist called Joyce. And you will cry and want to buy colouring pens, I promise.)

There are fabulous plans underway to celebrate the publication with a competition I wish I could enter myself – clue: you will want the prize, because to be honest, I really do – and some exciting outdoor ad posters at railway station. If I could, I’d spend most of April going round the UK on a train taking selfies of myself next to said posters, but I can’t (because I’m writing the next book and am not allowed to leave my desk, boo). So what I plan to do is to ask YOU to take some selfies next to the posters and send them to me. I will swap for signed bookplates to stick in the front of your hardback! Keep watching my Facebook page, and here, and Twitter for competitions details and giveaways and all that.

In the meantime, do send me a photo of your beloved doggo if you’d like him or her to be Dog of the Month. Small pic, their favourite thing, and what they’d say if they had five human words to say to you – send it to hello@LucyDillon.co.uk or #lucydillonDOTM on Twitter. I can never ever have too many doggo pics in my life!